About us

MediGasConsult is a subsidiary of


and is driven by professional engineers with several years of experience in the design, execution and management of Medical Gas systems in Health care facilities, complaint to both HTM and EN7396 standards.

Our Medical Gas Consulting services cover the complete range of Medical Gas Systems and are aimed at & directed to the Healthcare Industry, M&E Consultancy firms, as well as contractors and architects.  Our philosophy is that we consider our clients as our partners and together we design and develop Complete Medical Gas Solutions to international standards and to the satisfaction of our customers.

In this rather specialised field, expertise in the design, specification, and evaluation of such systems is rather difficult to find. This is where we can help. We assist by advising, as well as implementing safe and secure systems which will give years of trouble-free service, as well as ensure conformance to the standard required, and can also be upgraded and expanded, as the needs of the hospital change.

MediGasConsult has the interest of the client as their first and foremost priority and always strives to achieve this through a professional approach to any project they are entrusted with.