Auditing & Conformity

Auditing of existing systems is a service which surveys and reports on the actual state and efficiency of the existing plant and piped network.  After a site survey, a report is drawn up detailing the current state of the systems installed, and works that need to be carried out. Recommendations are put forward in order to rectify any shortcomings as well as to ensure that the Medical Gas Systems within the hospital are in line with recognised international standards, such as the Medical Devices Directive, EN7396-1, or the Heath Technical Memorandum, as appropriate.

Operational management of medical gas systems requires a thorough understanding of both the engineering aspects of the systems, as well as the requirements of the medical staff to ensure that systems are kept safe and secure.

  • Definition of roles and responsibilities of executive manager, operations manager, authorising engineer, authorised person, and quality controller involved in the medical gas systems.
  • Institution of an effective operational policy which defines the procedures that must be in place to ensure continuity of service. This is to include a comprehensive system of reporting and resolving any faults that may come up, as well as dealing with any required alterations to the system.
  • System in place for regular training of staff. This is to include possible accreditation and certification of staff.
  • Establishment of proper permit-to-work system to ensure that any interventions are fully notified and approved by users of the system, thus minimising the risks involved in performing both routine and corrective maintenance.
  • Proper documentation of all activities connected with the medical Gas systems, including all drawings being kept up to date and all maintenance certification to be available in case of any difficulties.